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Sunday, May 30, 2010

HEY GUYS IM BACK! Rp's fine as usual :) Getting so used to it.. Well kinda emo nowadays.. Miss my old buddies.. And lovestruck yet again? And this time the same old situation. INSANE MUCH? Why must there always be a barrier there? Oh well. Gotta clear it soon.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeee, update your blog leh. I'm very tired of updating for you alr when I updated likeee 2/3 times only? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Popeye's when?! Tsk. And how come I don't seem to see you around E2 one. Rofl. Blog soon yawwwwwww.
Xoxo, Sheryl.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shafeeq's having Enterprise Skills module today. BORING MODULE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hmm, Idk what else to blog alr. Except that I just remembered, Shafeeq said someone puked on th train! Omggggggg. Sick. :S
Awesome drummer over here (even though I've never heard him play 'live') is in E25M, and I'm in E24E. Sooooooo far. Haiyooooo. Actually just one floor above me. Teehee. Blog for him soon! Xoxo, Sheryl.

Defeated Them @| 12:46 PM

Friday, April 9, 2010

Shafeeq's blog is alive again! Yay. Shafeeq's going on stage tmr during Achiever's Day! Congrats dudeeeee. Last year my turn, this year yours. Teeheeeeee. :)
I will see you on Monday! And every school day for th next 3 years of my life. Awesome! Hahaha! I'll try my best to make it down tmr okay? :)
Enough now. He'll blog soon, I guess. Haha! Xoxo, Sheryl.
I want my breakfast deluxe! Don't want deliver to my house since you were so near ytd. Rawr!

Defeated Them @| 12:55 AM

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I went to the old 3E4 blog and suddenly saw my old Poem that I made for Mr sia when he did'nt want to teach us :) It really brings back memories! Here it is again:

When I began your class I think I knew
The kind of challenges you'd make me face.
You gave me motivation to pursue
The best, and to reject the commonplace.

Your thinking really opened up my mind.
With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see,
That what I'd choose to seek, I'd surely find;
You shook me out of my complacency.

I thank you now for everything you've done;
What you have taught me I will not outgrow.
Your kind attention touched my mind and heart;
In many ways that you will never know.

I will remember you my whole life through;
I wish that all my teachers were just like you.
Although you're gone I will always remember
The good times we had together.

Defeated Them @| 5:02 AM

Its been hard for me to accept the fact that Tanglin Life is over. I mean, I miss my dear classmates from 4E4 very much and I also miss my other buddies in school. Secondary school life has really been a wild ride for me and Ive matured through the years and Ive learnt a lot from it. I will really miss the fun times in Tanglin dearly. Thank you guys for all the fun and joy you've given to me :) For all this to end is very saddening but I know I've got to move on. Now here comes Poly life. Im glad that all my good friends are in RP too so it would'nt be so hard for me to settle down. Well I hope I will enjoy Poly life just like I enjoyed Secondary school life. For all those previous Tanglinians in my batch, please keep in touch :)
Just a few days away to a new beginning.

Defeated Them @| 4:48 AM

ALRIGHT FINALLY UPDATING AFTER A LONG LONG TIME! Secondary school education has finally ended! It started with the O level results day. As they flashed the top scorers on the slide-show, all I could do was just sigh as I always wanted to be on that board! Suddenly, I looked at the screen and saw my name! I was
overjoyed! I was there for getting Distinctions for both of my languages. Man was I happy cos I worked hard for these two subjects. Soon after, the results were out. I was very scared on the results day because a lot of people did'nt do as well as expected and with me being one of the last few to take, it made matters worse. One by one, my classmates took their results. As I walked to Mr Sia to take my results, I could feel my heart in my throat! When I sat down my mind was blank. Mr Sia then proceeded to turn over the certificate and I just stared at it blankly. In my mind, I couldnt tell if I did well or not. But when Mr Sia smiled at me, I knew why. I got 14 points! HAHA! He betted with me at the start of the year that I would never get below 15 and I proved him wrong! Well I hope that I proved others wrong too. Lastly was the poly course results. I could'nt sleep the whole night cos I Couldn't wait for the results! suddenly the sms came. I GOT INTO SONIC ARTS IN RP! MY SECOND CHOICE! I was very happy :) I then went to Facebook and also saw others in Rp :) I was over-joyed. Suprisingly, Danish also got into the same course as me! WOHOO! So this marks a new phase in my education life. I cant wait to begin :)

Defeated Them @| 4:29 AM

Monday, December 21, 2009

So Im back! :) This is a short post ok.. Its been a great week starting with my Birthday and Josh's Birthday! Im currently now in shock so I shall continue this post soon. Watch this space.

Defeated Them @| 8:59 AM

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Next on my list is Miss Roxanne Low Qian Yu! Although I have known you for so long, this is the only picture I have taken with you lol. Believe it or not. Anyway, I first knew you during the 3E4 chalet I guess? Those were the family days lol (Brother Sister ) The chalet was the four days which I talked to you the most I think. We have shared many stories during the 3E4 chalet till the start of this year.. I remember waiting for you to be free so I could call you. We were supposed to watch Twilight too but we didn't lol. But its okay. Ill be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy the old times with you. At that time when I first knew you, we were very close. I guess that was the only time I could speak to you about anything without having to be nervous or scared. I remember us talking bout class stuff and about your Japanese cousins coming over to visit you! That was like ages ago. Well, I remember clearly the incident where we all didn't mix around with you. I know you remember that black day very well. All I can say is that Im glad we have all resolved that conflict and are friends again. Never will I want that to happen again. Well other than that, I would like to say that I'm blessed to have been friends with you :) You have helped me so much over the days and I appreciate it loads. Although only now I have started to talk to you again, I would like to apologise for my childish/immature behaviour before. Reading through my old texts, I really felt like laughing at my immaturity lol. Well, at least that was the past. i have had many memorable experiences with you. One of them was your Birthday Party. Thanks for inviting me to go although I didn't really know you then. Another occasion was your Chinese New year open house! I had fun playing with your doll and the WII lol! The movie that day was also great! I'm glad that you chose that movie! And thanks for having me there :) Hope you liked my jokes haha. But I can say that the chalet was the one occasion which I feel is the most memorable. Alright, thanks for being such a great friend to me and thanks for forgiving me for my past mishaps. May you succeed in everything you do and I would love to see you be a great pianist one day. Stay happy and keep on dancing! Most importantly, thanks for making my life In Tanglin such a rocking one; something which I will cherish in my treasure trove of memories.

Next, Miss Wendy Sua! I first talked to you during one PE lesson last year while we were having a run lol. I can still remember it. Well, I am so grateful to have such a good friend like you :) You have helped me a lot over the years you know. I still remember the times where I smsed you last time about matters pertaining to "you know what". You were the one who helped me forget about it and move on :) I am really glad to have you in my life also because you re a great listener. You always listen to my problems and always advice me. Not many people have done that for me. You are also a very friendly girl. You never get upset and you re always happy when I see you. The truth is, you re never-ending happiness always motivates me to stay happy and think of positive things haha. Without you in my life, i dint think I would have overcame certain things in my secondary school life. So that is how important you are to me :) My most memorable experience with you has to be the chalet too I guess. That was the time I talked to you most! Another occasion was Firdhouse's birthday where I talked to you quite a lot at the Jetty if you could remember. Lastly, the chat I had with you at the back of the amphitheatre after the science practical exam will also be remembered by me. Well, I will certainly miss all the studying times at the Frontier( Boon Lay ) library too haha.. Well, I would really want to thank you for all you have done for me. I will also like to apologise for all the jokes Ive done in the past haha. Hope you forgive me :) Well, thanks for all the memories and most importantly again, thanks for making my Tanglin Life an enjoyable one, and one which is to be remembered for life! :) ( REMEMBER, YOU ARE MINE EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY :P JOKING )

Next is Miss Sarah Skylar aka Miss wentz! I first knew you when it was our first Mother Tongue class In Tanglin! I remember you in my group together with Firdhouse. You were very quiet then. Unlike now (haha). Although were were not close in the short pants days, I got to know you better in the 4E4 days when I sat beside you in class.. At first, I was kinda upset to sit beside you because I didn't really know you and I thought that you were the quiet type. I wanted to sit with someone who could stir up a conversation with me instantly. But to my surprise, you were not what I expected. We really have many things to talk about and you really made classes fun. I remember the times where we talked about British bands and also about you know who. :p Well, it is really sad that we're not going to sit beside each other again in class lol. I would like to thank you for being such an awesome friend. Without you, classes would have been a bore and I wouldn't have known about all the Brit Music scene. Thanks also for being a listening ear and also being my message sender when I have conversations with Fir haha.. Wish I had known you longer lol.. I would also like to thank you loads for the guitar key chain you bought for me from Aussie. I'm so angry it got stolen.. ROAR! Haiz.. Anyway, I will always remember it. thanks too for the quote in the "yearbook" thingy lol.. I would also like to apologise la if I have done anything wrong to you in the past. Hope you forgive me and hope you enjoyed sitting beside Drumfreak for a year! :P Alright. May you succeed in future and remember, always make the right decisions buddy. You know what I'm talking about. Lastly, thanks for making my Tanglin Life a kickass one which I will never ever ever ever ever FORGET!

Lastly is Miss FARAH aka my KAKAK! I first knew you in sec 1 right? During mother tongue class haha.. You were one of the most gila there!! MACAM MAK CIK! :p Anyway, I really got to know you well in Sec3- English class. That was my most memorable experience with you! I would always look forward to that class as I cant wait to hear your stories! You were like my kakak that time and I remember you always advising me about life. You are really matured for your age and I liked that. Whatever you said last time was also very useful you know.. Haha.. Well, I really miss the English class la.. After that, I didn't really mix around with you much but I wanna thank you for all you've done for me. You are always entertaining me and you really brighten up my days sometimes. Although you are a year older than me, your foolishness sometimes make me feel so glad to have a friend like you! Its hard to get people who can be serious and funny at the same time :) Well, kak, I hope you succeed in all you do in future and I will always remember you for all the Wisdom and advice you gave me and also all the fun times we had. So thanks Farah for making my time in Tanglin such a wonderful one. Hope you remember me in future. Ps: I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR BeeBee NOTES!

Defeated Them @| 2:16 AM

So let me start with the next person on my list.. Firstly emmanuel yeo! I only knew you when it was our final year :S I wished I had known you were so cool earlier.. I first knew you when we went to study at the library with Lty, Sheryl and Firdhouse. :) Anyway, Ive got a lot to thank you for I guess.. You've been the one who always appreciate my (lame) jokes in class and you are the one who keeps me accompanied when I'm bored in class.. Its hard to find such a great person like you cos you are a very good listener. Although you don't talk that much, you always listen to what I say and I appreciate that. I would like to say you were the one who made most math classes and ss classes fun cos I could always just turn back and talk to you when I'm bored. And I also find it fun to disturb lty with you :P yeah.. The most memorable thing I had with you was of course having that late night phone call with you and Lty and also the old studying at the library days! Bro, I will always remember you as I am the first creator of your nickname "EMMA" haha! I hope you liked that name! Alright.. Thanks bro for being there when I was bored and most importantly, thanks for spicing up my TANGLIN LIFE!

Next is Mr Ding Li aka Wizard Ding Li! I first started talking to you in sec 3.. And man am I glad to have been friends with you! You are the main person in class who I talk to! You're like the only person who I can talk to about Harry Potter and you re the main guy who laughs at my jokes too! You re also a great listener and you can even tolerate some of my suannings which I feel makes you one of the few guys with a sense of humour! I started knowing you well at the 3E4 chalet and we could really click yeah? I remember trying to wake you up in the morning lol! You were like a dead sleeper lol.. I'm so glad you went for the chalet dude. My most memorable experience with you has got to be the chalet and also your BIRTHDAY PARTY! thanks for inviting me dude. It was a great party :) You re an awesome class mate dude. I would really like to thank you Wizard because without you in my life, Mr sia's classes wouldn't have been so fun! So I would like to say all the best for your future endeavours and thanks for making my Tanglin life a BLAST!

(EDITED VERSION 26/12/09)Next, I would like to thank MISS RAYNEE WONG! I first knew you in Sec 1 when Jie long sat beside you! I remember you in your school uniform :P I would like to tell you that I really am glad to have you as my classmate :) You've helped me a lot I'm sure over these 4 years and its sad to see we're all going on our separate ways.. Although we may have had conflicts over the years, I'm just happy were still friends and that we have forgiven each other. You have been a very good listener- always listening to my stories. You are also a very sociable person with a great quality called friendly! Anyone can just talk to you and you ll be friends lol! That explains why you are an Sl and have so many friends! Well I would just like to say that you should be careful in making decisions next time in future and don't be too troubled by the past. Ive known you so well that I know you always think back so yeah.. Always stay happy and change for the better. I would also wanna thank you for changing me. Thanks for inviting me to the banana group in sec 3 :) It was so shocking for me to be in the group as I wasn't so sociable before. Thanks to you, Ive became more open and funny haha. Now, I can almost hang out with anybody and my shyness is no more a weakness :) My most memorable experience with you has got to be the Genting trip and also the days where we studied together at the park :) I also miss all the timess when we slacked and share our secrets! Man that was good times. Its so saddening to see how it has ended so fast.. Well those were the days.. So Raynee, remember, make the right decisions and thank you loads for changing me. I wish you all the best for your future plans and on your singing career! Thanks for making my life in Tanglin such an enjoyable one and certainly one I will cherish forever :) Have a good life ahead! I miss TISSUE! Btw, our relationship started on 25/12/09 at 10.47 and is counting! :)

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*Name:Shafeeq Hafiz aka Drumfreak
*Age: 16 presently
*Bdae:19 December 1993
*Enjoys Being In 4E4- Best class
Ppl who talk too much,Betrayers
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